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  • angina Symptoms or Chest pain symptoms
  • Rapid or irregular heart beat
  • Chest pain & Shortness of breath
  • Referred pains in arm or shoulder or neck & jaw
  • Lightheadedness & Sweating
  • Squeezing & Pressure
  • Heaviness & Tightening
  • Burning or aching across the chest
  • Indigestion & Weakness
  • Nausea & cramping

Angina (Chest Pain) - Overview

Angina chest pain is not a disease but it is a probable symptom of coronary artery disease. It is a discomfort, pain or tightness caused when your heart muscle gets less amount of oxygen-rich blood. It is not a life-threatening condition when experienced, it is a strong indicator that shows you are having a type of heart disease.


Angina Causes and Treatment (Chest Pain)

Angina usually happens because one or more of the coronary arteries is narrowed or blocked. This happens when plaques or fat gets deposits that narrow the arteries over time and reduce blood flow to the heart.

Some common causes of angina are a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and family history of ischemic heart disease.

Natural Treatment of Angina (Chest Pain)

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