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  • Tonsils and Throat Infection Symptoms:
  • Swollen red tonsils & Pain in throat
  • Coughing & Ear pain/ neck pain
  • High Fever & Vomiting
  • Sense of Sickness & change in voice
  • Painful ulcer in throat & Fatigue
  • Scratches in oesophagus
  • Swollen & painful lymph glands in neck
  • Difficulty in intake of meal
  • Difficulty in opening mouth
  • Bad breath & Furry tongue

Tonsils and Throat Infection - Overview

Tonsils act as a filter to stop germs from entering the respiratory system. But when our immune system gets weaker and our tonsils fail to keep the bacteria away; it finally results in swelling and inflammation of tonsils, pain in throat and difficulty in eating. Tonsils can also transmit from one person to another by social contact e.g. droplets in the air from sneezing.


Tonsils and Throat Infection Causes and Treatment

The most common cause of tonsils and throat Infection is a bacterial or viral infection. This infection is primarily caused due to dry air, air pollution, sickness e.g. flu, cold, measles, chickenpox, excessive intake of fried, greasy foods, chocolates, sweets, spices, cold and frozen foods.


Natural Treatment for Tonsils and Throat Infection

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