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  • Drowsiness & Weakness
  • Fatigue & Yellowish discoloration of skin
  • White part of eye and nail
  • Flatulence & Loss of appetite
  • Burning sensation in body
  • Low-grade fever & indigestion
  • Excessive thirst and loss of libido

Jaundice - Overview

Jaundice is a condition in which the skin and the whites of the eyes turn to yellow color. It may occur at any age include infants, adults. Modern medicine does not consider it as a disease but a symptom of liver disorders such as liver infection, gallstones and cirrhosis of liver.  It occurs due to the results of an increase in bile pigments and bilirubin in blood.


Causes of Jaundice

Increased intake of oily, spicy, sour, salty, alkaline, penetrating and very hot foods; alcohol; sleeping in daytime, excessive physical work, suppressing natural urges of body, overindulgence in sexual activity and psychological factors like lust, fear, anger and stress can causes Jaundice. Inflammation of liver, excessive circulation of bile pigments in blood, impairment of liver function, excessive destruction of red blood cells, viral infection and some other disease condition like tuberculosis malaria also causes Jaundice. 

Natural Treatment for Jaundice

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