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  • sinus symptoms:
  • Nasal congestion & Fever
  • Common cold & flu
  • Headache & Facial tenderness
  • Loss of smell & Cough
  • Dental pain & Bad breath
  • Nasal stuffiness & discharge
  • Pressure or pain in the sinuses
  • Sore throat & Fatigue

Sinus - Overview

Chronic Cough & Cold should not be left untreated, as it may lead to sinus and allergies. Generally, sinuses are filled with air. When they become blocked or get filled with fluid, germs can grow and cause an infection and swelling. The inflammation of the tissue lining the sinus cavity causes Sinusitis or Sinus Infection. Sinusitis may attack people of any age and sex. Kids suffering from cold and other viral infections are prone to Sinusitis and so are Asthma patients.


Sinus Causes and Treatment

Sinus causes due to common cold, suppressing natural urges of tears and vomiting, swelling on the lining of the nose, shift in the nasal cavity, small growths in the lining of the nose, exposure to cold or dusty and dry weather, staying awake till late in the night and sleeping in the daytime. Environmental factors, Allergies and Pollutants are other sinus, cough and cold causes.

Natural Treatment for Sinus

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