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  • Headache at one side of head (typically at front or side or sometimes on both sides)
  • Temporary loss of part of vision
  • Objects may seem to rotate
  • Flashes of light shake or boil
  • Numbness & problems with speech
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Irritability & Depression
  • Excessive sleepiness & Altered mood
  • Craving for certain food items
  • Increased urination & Stiff muscles (neck)

Migraine and Headache - Overview

Migraine (Headache) is a common neurological syndrome (severe, painful headache) that is often accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, increased sensitivity to light and sound blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, vomiting and nausea. Migraine attack usually begins in the forehead, the side of the head or around the eyes and gradually gets worse. Migraine pain can last for hours or even days. It is more prevalent than epilepsy, asthma, and diabetes combined


Migraine (Headache) Causes and Treatment

Some people who suffer from migraines can clearly identify triggers or headaches or migraine causes. Potential migraine triggers include alcohol, a certain type of food items, Allergies, and allergic reactions, Bright lights, loud noises and certain odors or perfumes, Physical or emotional stress, changes in sleep patterns or irregular sleep, missing meal, Menstrual cycle fluctuations, Birth control pills and Hormone fluctuations during menopause onset.

Natural Treatment for Migraine

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