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  • Pyorrhoea Symptoms: Bleeding while brushing teeth
  • Tenderness & Swelling on gums
  • Periodental abscess
  • Foul smell from teeth
  • Teeth loosening
  • Hot and cold sensitivity in the teeth

Pyorrhoea - Overview

Pyorrhoea/ Pyria is a teeth related disease. It damages gums, teeth and generates foul smell from the breath of suffering person. It is characterized by a copious discharge of pus from the roots of teeth and gums. If this pus is swallowed along with the food then it gets absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract which further causes any other diseases. In the case of chronic Pyorrhoea/Pyria, the whole skin of the patient generates foul smell.


Pyorrhoea Causes and Treatment

Pyorrhoea/Pyria is caused by bacterial infections in the oral cavity. Poor oral hygiene is the main cause of Pyorrhoea/Pyria in addition to indigestion and hyperacidity. These bacteria infect the gums, bones and dental ligaments and cause pyorrhoea. Heredity, breathing from the mouth instead of nostrils, constipation, not cleaning of the teeth properly, calcium deficiency during pregnancy, unhealthy food like pan, gutka, tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol, etc. are the other causes of Pyorrhoea/Pyria.

Natural Treatment for Pyorrhoea

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