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  • Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms: Belly pain or cramps & Diarrhea
  • Rectum Bleeding & Pain
  • Fever & Joint pain
  • Not feel hungry & Weight Loss
  • Eye problems & liver disease
  • Urgency to defecate
  • Inability to defecate despite urgency
  • Fatigue & Growth stops in children

Ulcerative Colitics - Overview

Ulcerative colitis is a disease that causes chronic inflammation and sores (ulcers) in the lining of the large intestine (colon). It usually affects the lower section and the rectum. But it can affect the entire colon. In general, the more of the colon that is affected, the worse the symptoms will be. The disease can affect people of any age. Both men and women are equally affected by it. But most people who have it, are generally diagnosed before the age of 30.


Ulcerative Colitis Causes and Treatment

The exact cause of it is unknown. Experts think that it might be caused by the immune system overreacting to normal bacteria in the digestive tract or other kinds of bacteria and viruses may cause it. You are more likely to get this problem if other people in your family have it.

Natural Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

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