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  • Symptoms of Piles: Feeling of bowels are still full after going to toilet
  • Mucus discharge when emptying the bowels
  • Area around anus becomes red & sore
  • Irritation & itchiness around anus
  • Anal pain while sitting
  • Bright red blood on toilet tissue or stool or in toilet bowl
  • One or more hard tender lumps near the anus
  • Soiling of underwear with slime or feces

Piles - Overview

Piles (Hemorrhoids) are enlarged or swollen, painful veins of the anal canal. They are usually caused by increased pressure on the pelvic and rectal veins and are mostly related to constipation, diarrhea and straining to pass a stool. They can be dry or may bleed. Piles can be very itchy and painful. They can also be caused by obesity, lifting heavy objects, and by pregnancy (in females). Unless they are very severe, they can be easily treated with a natural remedy like unfiltered, unpasteurized and raw Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother and piles care capsules.

Types of Piles

  • Internal Piles

Internal piles are much more common than external piles. Internal piles occur 2 to 4cm inside the opening of the anus. They are usually painless because there are few pain-sensing nerves in the rectum. Bleeding may be the only sign of internal piles.

  • External Piles

External piles occur on the outside edge of the anus. They are often painful. Blood clots sometimes within prolapsed external piles, causing an extremely painful condition. It can look rather frightening, turning purple or blue, and could possibly bleed.

Piles Causes and Treatment

A faulty diet and sedentary lifestyle lead to piles. Causes of piles includes Sitting for long periods of time, Sitting on the toilet for long stretches of time, Medical conditions such as cirrhosis of the liver, Severe diarrhea, Low-fiber diet, Dehydration, Bowel disorders, Stress, Strenuous work or hard labor, General weakness of the body, Anal intercourse, Constipation, Shortage of Water in the Body, Hormonal changes during pregnancy, obesity, repeated abortions, and suppressing the natural urges of the body. Other causes include excessive consumption of alcohol, too little exercise, long journeys, non-vegetarian food, and cold, heavy, uncooked, or spicy foods.


Natural Treatment for Piles

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