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  • Male infertility symptoms or Low Sperm Count symptoms:
  • Changes in sexual desires
  • Lump formation in testicles
  • Swelling in testicles
  • Problems associated with erections and ejaculations
  • पुरुष बांझपन के लक्षण या कम शुक्राणु की गिनती के लक्षण: यौन इच्छाओं में बदलाव
  • अंडकोष में गांठ का बनना
  • अंडकोष में सूजन
  • इरेक्शन और स्खलन से जुड़ी समस्याएं

Male Infertility / Low Sperm Count - Overview

Male Infertility refers to the biological inability of a man to contribute to conception. Man’s fertility generally depends on the quantity and quality of his sperm. If the number of sperm ejaculated by a man is very low or if the sperms are of poor quality, it will be difficult and sometimes impossible for him to cause a pregnancy.


Male Infertility/Low Sperm Count Causes and Treatment

Male infertility or low sperm count has many causes, it can be from hormonal imbalances to physical problems, to psychological or behavioral problems. Moreover, fertility reflects a man’s “overall” health. Men who live a very healthy lifestyle are more likely to produce healthy sperm. Other causes can be premature or failure of ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, particular medicines and chemicals, spinal cord injury, prostate-related problems, and radiation damage.

Natural Treatment for Male Infertility

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